Best Epilator for Men

the best epilator for menNowadays, it is not so unusual for a man to epilate. In 2018 more and more men are resorting to different hair removal methods available on the market to get rid of unwanted hair, especially of the chest, neck, back, face, arms, and legs. The methods are the same as for women, but when it comes to epilation, things are a little different. Why? Because the men's hair is thicker and coarser compared to women's hair, therefore, removing the hair with an epilator designed especially for women can be more difficult and not so efficient.

Now, opinions are divided even among men, meaning that there are men who prefer shaving their hair instead of epilating it because they are concerned by the amount of pain that an epilating implies.

I am not going to lie, there is pain and if you are using for the first time an epilator, the pain will be even greater. But in time, you will get accustomed to it because it will get easier and less painful and the epilation will be the only hair removal method that you will use. Furthermore, if a woman can take it, you can as well.

There are methods to reduce pain during epilation, like taking a hot bath before epilation because the hot water will help the pores to open wide and allows the follicles to give up the hairs a little easier, massage the area with cooling wipes or a numbing cream, trim the hair or shave it and wait to grow at least 0,5 to 1 mm long.

There are some side effects of epilation as well, which you should know to avoid them as much as possible, with some advice. Some examples are ingrown hairs, skin irritation, bumps and so on.

But let's talk about the positive results. One of the best results is that you go hairless up to 4 weeks because the epilator removes the hair at the root and it will take a while for the hair to regenerate and grow back. Also, with repeated use, the hair becomes thinner as the roots are weakened.

Bottom line, if you are wondering which is the best epilator for men, here you will find your answer:

Emjoi AP-18MS Emagine Epilator for Men

At this moment only Emjoi has designed an epilator especially for men, the model Emjoi AP-18MS.

Emjoy AP-18MS Emagine Epilator For MenFeatures

This is the most powerful epilator on the market, featuring 72 metallic tweezers with dual opposed heads, which is great for men because it will go faster removing their coarse and thick hair. Thus, the number of passes required to get rid of all the hair has drastically reduced and the skin irritation as well. You can use it to remove the hair from the neck down and as a recommendation, you shouldn't use it on your face because this area is too sensitive for this device.

If you didn't know, Emjoi has a similar epilator for women, the model Emjoi AP-18, which is slightly cheaper, but it doesn't contain all the accessories of Emjoi for men. Now, if you are thinking about the money and don't mind the red color, you can buy the women model, but you won't get the shaving and trimming attachment.

Before epilation is best to trim your hair at a convenient length to make the process less painful. Also, if you want to skip an epilation, you can just shave the hair with the shaver head and you are done for the moment.

Another difference between models is the head. Instead of a plastic head as the women epilator has, Emjoi AP-18 MS has a metal head. This is an excellent feature because it is stronger, specially made for men's thicker hair. Some men admitted that they put this head into the freezer before epilation and the cooled head reduce slightly the pain, but just for a while because the cooling effects disappear rapidly.

Technology and Mobility

Emjoi is also known for its patented glide technology and silver ion technology, which were included in this device as well, making the epilator easy to move on the curved areas of the body with less irritation and providing a good antimicrobial protection.Emjoi AP-18 MS head

Also, the middle lifting fingers is a nice feature because it ensures that hair as small as 0.4mm is epilated too. Their role is to lift the flat or short hair up for the tweezers to catch it and remove it.

Its ergonomically designed makes the device easier to use, hold and maneuver all over the body.

An epilator for men has to have a strong motor, multiple speed settings to work fast on large areas, like chest, back, or legs and a specific designed head to protect the skin. Emjoi AP-18SM has all of these characteristics.

Because it has a strong motor, this epilator is a corded device, which means that it can not be used under the water. It is designed for 110V, therefore, if you aren't from North America, you will have to buy separately an international power supply for a 230V or 240V or a voltage converter. Be sure to buy one of these accessories, if not you will damage the epilator.

Besides, all these features that I told you, in the box, you will find also a travel case, a cleaning brush and a long power cord for the 110V only.

Some people don't like this model because it is corded, but it has to be in this way because the epilator needs a lot of power to spin its motor, to put into motion its 72 tweezers and do the job properly.

On Amazon, Emjoi AP-18 MS epilator for men is rated at 3,5 out of 5 stars and it has more than 230 customer reviews. You should read some of these subjective reviews, to be sure that you will buy the best epilator for men.

NOTE! Emjoi AP-18MS is a powerful epilator, but not everyone wants this product. This is why, the next truly powerful for dense, thick hair, if you are using the correct attachments, is the last model of Braun Company, Braun Silk-Epil 9-579.

Here you have it, the best epilator for men, created especially for you. But if for some reasons you don't like Emjoi AP-18MS, there are many epilators for women from where to choose. Just keep in mind to choose a powerful epilator with a strong motor and variable speeds.