Bikini Epilation Without Too Much Pain

epilation pubic area without painEpilating  pubic hair will hurt more than epilating other areas of your body because it is a very sensitive area. As a matter of fact, it may hurt like hell, or this was only my case. But this sensation will be only for a few times until you will get used to it. You will feel some discomfort like something is not normal, but it will cease after a while.

You should proceed only if you think that you have a high tolerance to pain. The pubic hair is mostly dark, strong and thick, which makes the epilation more difficult. Some bleeding will appear, but it isn't necessary. Pour yourself a glass of wine and start epilating this area, but first, drink that wine and read some good advice.

You want a smooth skin and a free bikini area for a few weeks. Shaving and trimming are some easy alternatives, but it won't last for a long time. Although resorting to epilation or even waxing will hurt like crazy, there are ways to reduce that pain. And you should follow every advice to have a less painful bikini epilation.

General less painful epilation advice


First things first, the basic painless epilation tips should be followed, which  briefly are:

1. Take a warm/hot shower. Your skin warms and the pores will open, making the hair come up easier and less irritating the skin.

2. Exfoliate properly- You should exfoliate 24-48 hours prior to epilation and again 24-48 hours after epilation.

3. Keep your skin taut.

4. Use a wet & dry epilator, if you have one. If it is possible, choose an epilator with a higher number of tweezers. Using such an epilator doesn't directly reduce the pain, but it will help you to reduce the time for epilation. Thus, you will do fewer passes to remove the unwanted hair.

Choosing a quality epilator is a must if you want to fell less pain. Because these days many epilators have different attachments and a wide range of features, you should do your research to find an epilator that suits your needs. A device with a two-speed button is convenient to adjust the speed for the sensitive area or to alternate the speeds if you aren't accustomed to the epilation sensation and pain. Also, one which has a light is very useful to see better those shaded areas. But if you already have a good epilator, use the right head for sensitive areas.

Steps to improve epilating the bikini area


Even though you want and are able to remove all the pubic hair, you should be careful removing the hair near your butt, your anus. There are better ways to remove the hair from this area, and although there are people who successfully epilate the hair near the anus, this doesn't mean that the procedure is without risks. The epilator, when plucks the hair from the root, leaves the pores open and they can get infected because near this area there are many bacteria, including E-coli bacteria.

  1. Trim the hair. Cut the hair as short as you can, but don't shave it because the epilator's head has to catch it. 1,5 mm or 2 mm hair is perfect. Longer hair is problematic because it can be broken by the tweezers and remain at the surface of the skin or it can clog the rotating tweezers and reduce the epilator performance.

  2. Stretch the skin. I know, I already said that, but you MUST keep your skin taut because the skin from this area is loose and has many folds. Use the free hand to keep the skin as flat as possible to not be caught in the epilator head. If you don't do that, you can pinch or cut your skin and bleed because the tweezers are sharp. I don't want to mention the pain factor... it will hurt, so sure, even though you are used to epilating your pubic hair!

  3. Use mind tricks. Our brain perceives the pain and we can use some mind tricks to reduce it up to minimize it. Also, men and women feel in a different way the pain. “Breathing exercises and self-talk also have been shown to reduce discomfort.”
    It is not bad at all to find a distraction, like singing or listening to music. Bite into a piece of cloth while you epilate, you will feel better, for sure.

  4. Use numbing creams or painkillers, if you feel that it is necessary. numbing cream with LidocaineAlthough I don't recommend using numbing creams (lidocaine creams), I should admit that some people are less tolerable to pain and need this stuff, like painkillers, numbing creams. I am not so sensitive to pain, even though I often epilate my sensitive areas, but we all are different and sometimes we need an extra help to get over that dreadful pain, which is associated with this experience, at least, at the beginning. From my point of view these creams should be released only with a medical prescription because if you don't apply them correctly or use them too often, you can have serious side effects.

  5. Full speed ahead! Use, if you stand the pain, the epilator at its full capacity, at the second-speed setting because moving the epilator slowly means that the pain will be felt more intense. Also, you will have to do fewer passes, which means that the period while you are exposed to pain is reduced. I read on Reddit that there are persons who first "do few wide fast passes to grab some long hairs and kick in the endorphins." But if you fee that it is too much for you, you should start and maybe use the entire epilation the slower speed.

  6. Use a mirror to see what you are doing down there. It is very difficult to remove hair when your visibility is reduced.
    To be certain that you do a good job, you should use a small mirror and put it in the tub or on the floor. Go under it in order to see what moves you need to do to epilate the pubic hair properly.
    Some women and men as well, who epilate the pubic area for a long time don't use it because they already know where to move the epilator to remove the hair. But if you are new to this, you should definitely use it for safety issues (to not cut or pinch the skin), for a clean look and for a better epilation experience.

  7. Wet or dry epilation. You have two options, but if you are new to epilating the bikini area, you should choose the dry epilation because in the shower you won't be able to see so well what are you doing down there.
    However, you can try the both dry and wet epilation, if you have a modern epilator. Why should you do this? Because epilating in hot/warm water is less painful. You can start with the dry epilation and the mirror, remove the hair which is the back and hard to see, and afterward enter in the shower and finish with the front area.

  8. aloe vera gel for after epilation useTreat correctly the skin after epilation. After epilation your skin is swollen, maybe bleeding and slightly irritated.
    Take a cool shower to rinse the hair and close the pores. Also, you should use a lotion, like the Aloe Vera lotion or a cortizone cream, to calm it down. Put this lotion on the fridge for a better result. Don't put medicinal alcohol or after-shave lotion because it will hurt.

    If you don't want to take a shower, use a cooling pad, after you cleaned the pubic area because it  has the same effect: to reduce the discomfort and the pain that epilation has caused. Don't use frozen meat, frozen vegetable bags to “cool down the pubic area” because this method is unhygienic and it can get infected.

    Although the cooling glove may help some women dealing with the pain during the epilation, it is not advised to use it before for numbing your skin, because it has another effect, which is to tighten the pores, resulting in broken hair at the skin surface. The cooling glove is great after epilation to calm down the skin.

  9. Maintain the pubic area after epilation. When the hair will grow back, it will be softer and not bristly, which is a pleasant feeling. The skin will be smooth for a week or two when you will need to epilate again. There are women who use hair conditioner instead of normal soap to keep the emerging hairs soft, but I will also advise you to exfoliate regularly to reduce the ingrown hairs and the pimples near the hair's root. If you are persistent and epilate regularly, the hair doesn't have time to regain its initial structure and it becomes weaker and easier to pluck.

  10. No sexual intercourse. It is not recommended to have sexual activity at least a day after epilation the pubic hair. If you don't restrain your sexual urges, infection can occur because of sweat or some bacteria can get to that area. The pores aren't completely close, thus this bacteria can easily enter into your body.

  11. Do not share your epilator. There are women who share their epilator, with a friend or a sister or even with their life partner. Although it is convenient, financially speaking, that you don't have to buy two epilators because you can use only one, it is not hygienic.

More useful tips to have a less painful bikini epilation


  • Do not tan this area if you plan to epilate it because a tanned skin is far more sensitive than the normal, even though you didn't exaggerate.

  • You should epilate after your period, if you are a woman. The pain tolerance is at its higher level a week or two after your period.

  • Don't drink coffee, any drink that contains caffeine or alcohol on the day that you want to epilate. Maybe you consider that the pain isn't reduced, but this substance actually makes your skin more sensitive, thus more expose to pain factor.

  • Wear loose clothing afterward. For a day or two, you should wear cotton underwear (which is recommended to be worn all the time) and loose pants or skirts so that the area can breathe and not be irritated by the cloth fabrics.

  • Epilate in the afternoon. You surely didn't know, but your body can stand the pain significantly better from 15:00 to 17:00.squeezing pubic skin if possible

  • Try to squeeze your skin in those areas where this action can be possible, for example below the belly. Because the pain receptors are under the skin, you can slightly deactivate them by squeezing and stretching out a portion of the skin between your thumb and index fingers. I saw a few nurses using this method when they vaccinated me. It never crossed my mind to ask them why they grab my skin in this way. Well..I found out recently while I was doing my research about how to reduce epilation pain.

These are most useful tips that I put together for you to have a less painful bikini epilation. They work as well for bikini waxing.

Problems with epilating the pubic hair


Everyone will experience one of these problems, either they are new to epilation or they have done it before.

  • Pain and discomfort. Pain will always be there, no matter what, especially that the bikini line is a very sensitive area, but all depends if you are used to the plucking sensation or not.ingrown hairs
  • Ingrown hairs. Epilation and waxing are notorious for creating ingrown hairs. In case you epilate, there are two situations. The first one is that the epilator tweezers aren't so good and they can break some hairs below the surface of the skin and they don't emerge to the surface, remaining under the skin. The second is that the epilation was a success, but once the new hairs are growing back, some of them won't be able to pierce the skin and they remain under. Exfoliation is important to reduce the ingrown hairs.
  • Irritation. Because the skin is sensitive down there, you can easily irritate the skin after such a harsh treatment. You should apply an Aloe Vera cream or something similar to calm down the skin and to reduce the inflammation and infection.bikini epilation without pain
  • Bleeding. The hair follicles are connected to blood vessels.  When the hairs are ripped out with force by the epilator tweezers, some drops of blood can be seen. You should hydrate first to dilate the hair follicles because if you are dehydrated the follicles will be constricted. 
  • Cuts. If you aren't attentive and don't keep the skin taut, you can catch your skin in the epilator tweezers and cut it.
  • Infected pimples. You should clean the area after epilation and wear for a day or two loose clothes and cotton underwear.

If you want to know which is the best epilator for epilating the pubic hair, you should read the entire article "Best Epilators for Brazilian in 2017".

To sum it up, yes, it hurts a lot when you first epilate the pubic hair or just doing the bikini line. But the pain will be less after a few times and you will get used with this method. If you have tried it and you consider that it isn't for you, there are other methods to get rid of unwanted pubic hair, like shaving, waxing or just trimming it. You don't have to pass your own boundaries just to have smooth skin down there.