The Best Way to Remove Hair From Your Balls

testicle epilationNowadays, it seems that being free of hair is some kind of “fashion statement”. I am going to tell you that body hair is important and if you consider removing it, this decision should be only yours to take, without any pressure from others.

Because I am going to write about how to remove the hair from your testicles, I want to emphasize that even pubic hair has a purpose and you should think twice if you want to remove it or not. Nevertheless, there are men who have their reasons to remove all the scrotum hair.

The area is sensitive, you can not see too well what you are doing there and because the skin is not stretched, the entire process is daunting! So, for those who want to try, I will say one thing: you should be patience, use a mirror(s) for guidance and proper grooming tools and products.

You know the result, a hairless skin from days (in case of shaving) to weeks (in case of epilating or waxing) or years (permanent hair removal). Now, do you know the cons?! There are some downsides of any hair removal method and most of them are:

  • Blisters, bumps, and pimples after any type of hair removal method
  • Itching, very common
  • Razor burns
  • Cuts and nicks from razors or even epilators, if you don't use this device correctly or you don't stretch enough the wrinkled scrotum skin
  • Inflammation of the hair root after waxing or epilation
  • Inflammation of the skin, after waxing especially because it removes a thin layer of skin in the process
  • Chemical burns when you use depilatory creams
  • Genital infections, more rarely, but it happens

If you want to mitigate these sides effects, you should be careful and keep in mind some important tips.



As I stated many times on this website, exfoliation is an important step if you want fewer problems after grooming your pubic area. The testicles' skin must be exfoliated as well, in the process, you should be gentle and don't use products which are too abrasive. If you are hairy down there and you aren't doing any grooming yet, don't use products which have grains in them, like products made with coffee grains because they will remain in your pubic hairs and they are difficult to be removed. Instead, a DIY scrub made from Himalayan salt is a better choice for the exfoliation process. Even an abrasive glove and soap will do, make sure to rub well the area and your entire body, for that matter.  Exfoliation must be introduced in your daily, if not weekly routine.

Be clean

In order to avoid skin infection or any other health problem, you should clean the area before you begin the hair removal process. After finishing it is also recommended to clean the area with warm water or a clean towel.

Proper tools

Don't start removing your balls' hair until you don't have everything you need for the chosen method. You surely don't want to be clumsy or make a mess in the entire house just because you have forgotten something. Choose a room where you feel comfortable and start the process. The room must be lightened in order for you to see well what you are are about to do.

Choosing the Grooming Method

There are some methods (shaving, trimming) which, if they are done correctly, won't hurt at all. Others, (like waxing, epilating, sugaring) imply, no matter what, some pain. Even the semi-permanent or permanent methods are painful, but the good news in that you don't have to take care of this area for a long time or never.

As you may know from your lady or from other reliable sources, there are plenty of methods to remove the unwanted hair. No matter the method, you shouldn't rush because your target should be REMOVING SCROTUM'S HAIRS SAFETY.

I will start with the easiest ones, which should be the first choice for many men. If you get used to these methods, you can go further, trying more painful hair removing methods, which also offer more lasting results, from 4 to 6 weeks of hairless balls.


Although using scissors isn't correctly saying that you remove your hair, this is one of the safest methods to keep the testicle area clean and neat. For better results, the man should use a mirror. Not any type of scissors are good, so, you should choose one which is longer than nail scissors, the blades must be sharp and you have to be careful while you are cutting hair from this sensitive area.


best pubic hair trimmerOne fast way to remove testicles' hair is with an electric trimmer. The ends of the strands may be sharp after trimming, which may lead to itching. The hairs will still be there, short as you want to be, but not cut too near the skin to irritate it. With a modern trimmer, you can select the length setting for any hair length that you may want.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100 is an amazing trimmer, with a 3-D pivoting shaving head and a hypoallergenic foil that keeps skin irritant-free and reaches narrow areas. It can be used in wet or dry conditions. With a trimmer or shaver at each end, each with its own power switch, it makes it easy to flip to the trimmer or to the shaver.

It can be used as an electric pubic shaver as well. The comb is adjustable with 5 lengths. The battery life is about 50 minutes after an hour charge. But initially, you have to leave the trimmer to charge for 24 hours.


Next method of removing hair will be shaving, which is easy to do with quality products and it is the most commonly used method for removing hairs from the testicles area.

Safety Razor

safety razor for pubic areaFor this area, the best choice will be safety razors.

These razors are probably the first invented for home use. The single edge razor was used as well but more in barber shops. If one saw his grandfather shaving kit, he may recognize the product with a metal handle and double edge blade. The double edge blade will be manually changed when it starts to pull on the first couples of strokes. It is called safety razor because it has a guard in front of the blade which doesn't allow it to cut too close to the skin. This means that you won't have a “close shave”. It is a good thing because you won't get razor burns and ingrown hairs. While a multi-blade cartridges will pull the hair a little bit out and each blade that scrapes across your skin surface takes a little bit of skin off the top, a single sharp blade will  go only once over the skin surface, if it is done correctly, and will remove only the dead layer of the skin, reducing razor burn and rash.

As a general rule, the hair which will be shaved has to be short in order to have good results. Getting it 1 - 2 cm will be enough for a good shave. This doesn't mean that you can not shave your long hair from the genital area, but you will complicate the process and maybe you will dull your shaver's blade too fast.

The area must be warm to open the pores and to make the hairs mellow in order to remove them faster. A shower is the best decision, but a hot towel (not too hot though) will do the trick.

Before you start shaving, you should use a shaving cream or foam. Be careful to keep it outside the body. If you don't have that, a little bit of soap or shower gel will be enough, create a little bit of foam and shave with short movements in the direction of hair growth. Don't forget to clean the blade often, removing all the cut hair from the blade.

There are men who shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth, but this maneuver is not recommended because it can appear ingrown hairs and pimples. Why? Because the hairs are cut too close to the skin, thus some of those shortened hairs can curl back and grow underneath your skin.

Cartridge Razors

cartridge razorsA modern, straight razor is also good, but you should be careful. When you are using a high-end cartridge razor you have from 3 to 5 blades going across your scrotum area. This means that more layers of skin will be removed in the process. The best thing to do is to use a sharp cartridge razor.  Don't go too much over the same area in order to avoid razor burns. The quality cartridge razors have lubricated strips and rubber to mitigate this issue. To not clog it with hair wash often the shaver during the pubic shaving.

It is mandatory for this process to not rush and to keep your skin taut as much as possible. Start from the base of the penis and go under with short moves, slowly done. Stretch the skin all the time as much as possible to limit razor cuts. Shaving while you have an erection may be useful because the skin is stretched. In opposition, don't shave them if you are feeling cold because the skin will tighten.

If you prefer, you may use intimate shavers or pubic shavers instead of ordinary shavers, as they are specifically designed for the pubic area. They are smaller and can shave areas which are difficult to reach.

After shaving is recommended to apply a moisturizing cream or/and a lotion which reduces razor redness and ingrown hairs.

Another recommendation is not to keep or store your razor in the shower. The humidity is a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Also, you should use a different razor for your face and for your pubic hair. You won't want to mix those too either, so label them.

Electric razor

electric shaver for pubic areaWe love technology and what it can do for us. Electric shavers mean innovation and performance. They are great, fast and comfortable, but as any other products, they have some downsides too, the battery can die anytime, they need more attention when it comes to maintenance and cleaning, they won't shave as closely as manual razors and if you are a newbie you will need to practice until you get the moves.

The good news is that you will shave faster with an electric razor, they don't need extra grooming products like gels or shaving creams, it reduce cuts, nicks, and ingrown hairs because they don't give a close shave like manual razors (*it won't irritate the skin as much as a manual razor, it won't cut accidentally the skin and because the hair will remain above the skin, it won't grow under it).

These devices can have foil or rotary head. The foil head is the one which will give you the closest shave possible, but it can be tricky using it in narrow areas. A rotary head electric razor will go closer to the area, while with a foil head electric razor you may need and go over a few times more.

There are devices which can be used only in a dry environment, while others, more complex can be used both in a dry and wet environment. The one which can be used in the shower will do a better job.

Keep in mind that you don't have to push the device too deep into the skin, it won't give you a closer shave, just skin irritation and maybe cuts.


Braun Silk-Epil 9-579 Epilator for man pubic hairIf you don't know what epilation means, let's make it simple: it is an electric device which will pluck your testicles' hairs all at once. Ouch! Right?!

Paradoxical, pulling more hairs at once hurts less than plucking them one by one. The process will be over faster and if you use an ice pack before the epilation, will make the process hurt less.

Even so, the testicle epilation will HURT A LOT, not everyone can do that.

If you are undecided to go with this method, a forum discussion about male genital grooming will make you take the right decision.

If you decide to epilate your balls, you should follow some general advice:

  • Shave or trim the hair to be short
  • Exfoliate the area often, make exfoliation your regular beauty routine
  • Take a shower or apply a hot towel to open the pores for a less painful epilation
  • Use a mirror to reach areas which can not be seen too well
  • Do it in a room full of light to see what you are doing
  • Keep the skin taut to not pinch the skin and for better results
  • Apply a moisturizing cream after epilation

if it is necessary, rub the area with a cool gel or an ice pack, but don't leave the ice too much to close the pores. The skin will be a little bit numb, thus it won't hurt so much.

There are persons who take painkillers to help them cope with the pain, from my point of view this is an extreme measure and if you think about it, then you shouldn't epilate your testicles.

Another option is to use a numbing cream. They are most commonly used to relieve pain caused by waxing, piercing, tattooing, tattoo removal, or laser hair removal procedures. They have similar effects like the local anesthetics, which lead to numbing of the nerve endings. The active ingredients as lidocaine, benzocaine, tetracaine, and prilocaine are in a small concentration to not harm you. Even so, you should ask your physician or the pharmacist if you can use such a cream.

The epilation experience depends on what type of epilator you use for the pubic area. While there are a few models out there, I am a big fan of Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579. Even though it has a wider head than its previous models, the special caps makes it perfect for narrow areas like the scrotum. It is considered to remove 4 times shorter hairs than wax does and it will guarantee you a smooth look up to 4 weeks.


Should I talk about waxing your scrotum hair? I wouldn't because personally, I think that it is more painful than epilating. While waxing has the same effects as epilation, meaning the hairs will pull all at once leaving you a skin without hairs, there is a minor difference: the wax will remove a thin layer of the skin as well, thus the skin will be a little bit irritated and prone to infections.

Shocking there are people who do it and if you want another option for grooming your testicles, waxing is one of them.

If you want to wax your balls, I suggest you go first to a professional beauty salon and ask for an experienced beautician. The best way to start this process at home is to learn from the best. Also, you should know all the risks of waxing your balls.

Doing it at home, you can burn the area with too hot wax. To avoid this, you should test the wax on a less sensitive area, like the back of your hand.

You can infect the area, so you need to be clean for waxing and clean the area after waxing. As a post-treatment, it is recommended to choose warm showers rather than hot showers, to not go swimming especially in public pools, to not go in steaming rooms and, to not tan for a few days. Don't wear tight underwear for a few days and don't have sex for a few days if you are sexually active.

If you don't use correctly the wax, you can scar yourself pretty bad.

Waxing should be done at night to let the inflamed skin calm down. Like any other hair removal method, after finishing, you should apply a moisturizing cream or lotion.

Because wax removes a thin layer of skin, you will have irritation and inflammation, and even ingrown hairs, which are pretty nasty. There are few techniques which can reduce the ingrown hairs.

The waxing kit is important! There are many places from where you can buy wax, but make sure to choose a special wax for this area. It is important to have everything that you need near you, in a lighted room preferably to not stop the process. Oil is good to clean fast the area, so make sure to have any type of oil near you and paper towel.

The hair should be trim about 1-1,5 cm to have good results. A hair too short won't be easy to be caught by the wax and removed and a longer hair will make the experience more difficult.

The same thing goes for waxing, make a hot shower to open the pores in order to remove the hair roots easier. In the shower, you should exfoliate the area because a clean area, without dead cells, will make also the process easier. But be sure to be dry for the waxing and do not apply lotions. Not yet...Some people apply baby powder because the wax won't enter too much into the skin and it will cover well the hairs which will be pulled off.

First, you need to heat up the wax until it is runny. Test it on a less sensitive skin area and if it is ok, apply it on the scrotum. If at some point it is difficult to spread it, you have to reheat it. If you don't want to walk too many times to the microwave, you could buy a wax warmer to keep it warm. 

Don't rush and apply the wax in small patches with the stick from the kit or any other tool that is easy to use. You should stretch all the time the skin because it is wrinkled and it is difficult to apply wax on this surface. Make sure to cover all the small area, without rubbing it down to the skin. Also, it must be applied in the direction of your hair growth, so working with small patches is ideal because the hair down there is growing in all directions. After the wax was applied you have to lay a strip on it and press it to be incorporated into the wax. One hand should hold the skin near the strip and the other one should pull the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth, using a quick motion. If you do it gently, slowly, you won't obtain good results.

If the waxing kit doesn't have an oil, you can use regular oil to remove all the remaining wax. After that, a warm shower will be needed. It is not recommended to use a soap after waxing because it can create a fine film over the area and it can lead to ingrown hairs. Instead, a mild shower gel or just water will be enough.

The beauty of epilation and waxing is that these methods remove the hair from the root and leave a smooth skin without hair from 3 to 5 weeks. And in time it will reduce the hair growth because the follicles are constantly damaged.

Depilatory Creams

These products are made to remove hairs, but they aren't recommended to be used on sensitive areas like testicles and anus area. Even though you will find advice online how to use them on your balls, you shouldn't do that.

Nowadays, the same chemicals are sold in spray form, but some customers consider that it is difficult to aim and doesn't do the job as the cream does. In order to have good results, as with any other hair removal method, you should follow the direction correctly, apply it in a thick layer and on a dry skin.

These creams may cause you an allergic reaction as well.

Permanent ways to remove hairs from your scrotum


At this moment, electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method. The pain is bearable, of course, this depends on the person, and the result is amazing: a smooth skin forever. Even though you have done electrolysis, in future, some hairs can appear because hairs grow in 4 stages. And electrolysis will target only those hairs which are visible by inserting into your skin a needle or a probe and an electric current will past through it into the hair root, destroying the hair follicle.

Although there are products for home use, in this area your partner should help you.

Semi-permanent ways of removing testicles hair

Laser hair removal requires more than a session to see results, which may last from 2 to 5 years. It is painful and you need to be "a good candidate" for this procedure. A good candidate means to have hairs darker than your skin, to be a contrast between hair and skin because the laser light should be absorbed by the melanin from your hair, not from your skin. Melanin is a pigment that gives color to the human skin, hair, and eyes.

Electrolysis and laser hair removal methods are expensive done at salons, but they are the best ways to get rid of hair from your balls and other body parts. Don't feel embarrassed if you go to a beautician, she or he has have done these procedures many times before. You won't be their first client and not even the last one.

Choosing a home product is another option, less expensive. I wouldn't recommend starting with this area, though. You surely have other body parts from where you want to remove your hair. Start with these body parts and get some experience doing so. In the end, you will target your balls.

There is a common belief that laser hair removal can lead to cancer or leave you infertile. The specialists consider that these affirmations aren't true. The laser can not penetrate so deeply into the skin to affect your fertility.

Any type of laser used for hair removal has a minimal amount of radiation, which can not lead to cancer. The light will only heat up the upper layer of the skin, where the hair follicle is.

Of course, there are some side effects, some of them are severe and rare, like:

  • Excessive hair growth in the area of treatment, instead of losing hair, you will have more than you have wanted.
  • Scarring, if you are a sensitive person and bruise or scar very quickly in general.
  • Skin crusting, if you don't protect the area and expose it too soon to the sun.


This being said, these are the most commonly used methods of getting rid of genital hairs. Whatever method you will use is at your own risk. So, I will emphasize once again that I am not encouraging to groom your testicles. If you decide to do it, you are grooming this sensitive area at your own risk.