Epilady Legend 4th Generation EP-810-33 Review

Epilady Legend - 4th GenerationIf you want an ergonomic epilator and easy-to-use and with his special angle cap, Epilady Legend 4th Generation EP-810-33 makes a good choice for beginners, but not only. Like any other epilators, it will produce pain, so you need to be prepared for it especially if it is the first time. If not you will see that it hurts less than other epilators. It has a good price, but it doesn't have special heads for different areas of the body.

Epilady is the first company who created an epilator based on the spring coil technology and Epilady Legend 4th Generation EP-810-33 is one of the most sold models.

Full body epilator

It is a full-size epilator, which can be used on sensitive areas as well like underarms, bikini area, chest, but I wouldn't put it on the face. The face is too sensitive for an epilator which doesn't have any special cap for specific areas. Even so, there are users who still use it to remove hair from above the upper lip. The epilator should be used at its slower speed and the user should be very careful while removing facial hair.

Also, in some areas, like the pubic area, removing the hair can be tricky and very tedious because the hairs grow in many directions.

The best areas to remove hairs are the legs at the fastest speed.

Epilator's Head

It has a wide head with a perfect angle guide, making it an excellent choice for beginners. This cap keeps the epilator at a perfect angle (which is 80 degrees on the skin for this epilator) to pull out the hairs from the root correctly. But with this cap on, the epilator head becomes a little bit curved, which means that sometimes it won't have a direct contact with the skin, especially on the body curved area. After the users learn the moves, the cap can be removed and replaced with the normal cap.

A negative point is that the head is not detachable, which makes the cleaning more difficult.


It can be used cordless or corded. If the user chooses the use it corded, the device will be more powerful, if it is used cordless, it will lose power after 45-60 minutes, more or less. But the time to charge it is 8 hours, which isn't that good if someone needs a rechargeable epilator for a certain occasion. For the first time, the epilator needs to be charged 12 hours.

Because the power of the epilator comes from the battery and not because it is plugged into the power socket, this means that the epilator should be fully charged from time to time. Also when it is plugged in, the epilator has a light which turns red, but it doesn't turn off when the epilator is fully charged, therefore is complicated to know exactly if the epilator is charged completely or not. Also, the company advises us not to let the epilator plugged in too long because overcharging the battery is shortens its life.

Even though it can be used cordless, the device is not waterproof and it can not be used in the shower or bath.

There are constant complains that the epilator doesn't charge or it stop working for no purpose.


Epilady Legend 4th Generation EP-810-33 is a nice device, ergonomic, which can be easily held in the hand due to two solid rubber grips, places on the sides.

It is lightweight and rechargeable, which makes it a perfect for traveling. The cord is thin, which makes it convenient to be used if it is plugged in.


Epilady Legend - 4th Generation speed settingIt has as any other modern epilators two-speed settings, which is a good addition, giving the users the control on how fast or slow they want the epilation process. A slower epilation means less pain but the period of epilation is prolonged. A faster epilation means more pain for those who aren't used to the epilation but less time consumed on epilation.

It has a fast motor, which gives 32,000 tweezes per minute if it is used at its fastest speed.

The company has made it with a dual-voltage power adaptor to be used wherever in this world.


It has 40 tweezer discs (stainless steel) which make up 20 sets of tweezers and can remove efficiently hairs as small as 0,5 mm. The trick is in the efficiency of each pair of tweezers. The epilator's head is wider compared with the company's previous models and the 4th Legend epilator brings to the user the optimum balance of tweezers and operating speed for better results.Epilady Legend - 4th Generation tweezers

While the tweezers spin, they open and close constantly. The white rubber touch grip on this area keeps the skin flat to not catch it. This is the “anti-pinch-technology” incorporated into the device. Also, it has a gentle massaging action, which is design to slightly reduce pain.

Because the tweezers are placed differently compared with other epilators, the correct way to keep the epilator is at 80 degrees on the skin and not 90 degrees, as it should be normally. If you didn't have an epilator so far you won't understand the distinction. But at this model, the tweezers close to the front of the epilator. Therefore, you need to have it placed correctly on the skin that when it closes to grab the hairs properly. If not, you may break your hairs, not pulling them out from the root. But with the perfect angle guide, the move is easy to be learned.

The best way to catch hairs with this epilator is to go in small circles on the skin. The up and down movements don't work too well. And you need to insist to catch all the hairs. The skin can irritate if you insist too much or if you push too hard the epilator onto the skin. Some redness can be seen after epilation and it will disappear in a few hours or a day. This is why is recommended to epilate at night or a day before a special event if you want to have smooth legs. With the Nano Silver Antibacterial Technology, the skin shouldn't suppose to get infected. But this means to clean correctly the epilator before and after using it with medicinal alcohol.

Other specifications

It is indeed quiet epilator if you compare it with other similar devices. The company promises us that the discs don't get dull and they don't need to be replaced.

Epilady says that 4th Legend Epilator is suitable for every hair type, but most epilators are suitable for any type of hair. The epilator seems to work better on corse hair. For thinner hairs, the first speed is a good choice.

The claim that you will have a smooth, hairless skin up to six weeks is not entirely true. This is not because the epilator didn't do a good job, but because the hairs grow in four stages and they don't grow at the same rate. Thus, the user will need at least another epilation weekly.

best deal on Epilady 4th generation Legend

Pros Cons
Corded or cordless use.  
Quiet compared with other epilators. Not waterproof.
2-speed setting. No built-in light.
Dual voltage (110/220V). Painful compared with other epilators.
Ergonomic design, with a rubber grip on the sides, which makes it easy to be held. No different caps for different body areas.
1-year warranty. Difficult to know when it is charged completely.
Good battery. No detachable head, for a better cleaning.


Epilady Legend - 4th Generation Rechargeable boxWhat is in the box:

  • The epilator.
  • 3 caps: Perfect angle guide cap, Regular cap, Protective cap.
  • Charging adaptor
  • Cleaning brush.
  • Travel bag.
  • One year warranty.
  • A book with instructions.

With an affordable price and having 4 stars out of 5 stars, the Epilady Legend - 4th Generation Rechargeable Epilator is a safe choice for anyone.