How to Choose a Home Laser/ IPL Hair Removal Machine

how to choose at-home laser hair removal deviceLaser hair removal has its limitations, therefore, it is correct to say that this procedure doesn't permanently stop the hair regrowth and its effects can last for around 2 years. The laser technology is used to have long-term hair reduction. Because the hair grows in different cycles, you will need more than one session to see some good results. Even so, some women are pleased that the hair has been reduced.

How to know if you are the right candidate for a home hair removal device

1. Skin tone

The follicle absorbs the light when there is a contrast between the hair and the skin. Depending on the device, the laser technology can work fine for people who have from light to medium skin tone and it doesn't offer such great results for people with a darker skin tone, like African or Latino people and for persons with light/white hair. The dark skin's pigment will absorb the heat, resulting in less or more serious burns. This group of people can use the electrolysis method instead, to get rid of unwanted hair.

2. Hair type

at home laser hair removal hair type and skin toneThe color of the hair also plays a huge role in determining what type of laser you may use on your skin. The laser light is attracted by the hairs that have a high concentration of melanin. So, people with blond, gray or red hair aren't the perfect candidates for this procedure. Nonetheless, there are some types of laser, especially Ruby laser or Alexandrite laser, which offers good results on these types of hairs.

The ideal candidate for this method is a person who has a good contrast between her hair color and her skin complexion, like fair skin and dark hair. Every home laser hair removal machine has a skin chart, to see if it is safe to use it on your skin.

3. What type of laser the machine uses

Using the wrong laser type or the wrong settings can lead to discoloration of your skin, pain, burns, acne, redness and even scarring.

My advice is to consult a specialist first before you decide to use a particular machine.

4. How to prepare for a laser hair removal session

First of all, if you are tanned, you should postpone the procedure for a while, because the brown pigment from your tan may absorb the laser light, leading to skin burns or discoloration of the skin. Therefore, you should avoid sun exposure for 6 weeks before and after the treatment.

Secondly, you must let your hair grow at least 3 weeks prior to a laser session to not reduce the efficiency of the treatment. Why? Because if you use any type of removing hair method, like threading, waxing, epilating, less than 2 weeks before a laser treatment, your hair may not contain enough pigment in the follicles and the energy won't be absorbed where it is needed. But you can shave or use a depilatory cream before and after the treatment because these methods don't remove the deeper portions of the hair follicle.

As a matter of fact, specialists recommend shaving the area the night before a laser session to not feel too much discomfort or pain, because longer hair can be burnt when the laser is applied.

As a conclusion, the optimal hair length for laser hair removal is 1-2 mm and you must not use any method which destroys the hair follicle before, during and after the treatment is fully completed.

5. What body areas are suitable for a laser hair removal treatment

Large areas of your body, like legs, arms, chest, armpits, back and face receive very well the laser treatment. But, specialists recommend to not use the laser machine at home in your genital and anal area, because they are highly sensitive and here the skin can burn easily. Also, because you don't see too well what you are doing down there, you can injure your skin. Nonetheless, on forums, people have shared their experiences and they said that they didn't have any complication when they used the home laser machine in these sensitive areas.

6. How many laser sessions do you need to see results

Normally, the treatment lasts between an hour and an hour and a half on legs and back, 20 minutes for underarms and for the bikini line and about 10 minutes for the face. It is a fast process because the laser light can reach more than one hair at a time. Even so, you will need to do more sessions to see those long-term hair removal results that you desire.

before and after hair removal treatmentsFirst of all, you should know that hair grows in stages, typically every 4 to 6 weeks. The laser will remove only the growing hair, which is active at that time. Therefore, a person will need from 4 to 6 sessions to treat efficiently a body area. A good device will get around 80% of this active hair. Also, the person will need to perform this operation every 4 to 6 weeks to treat the new active hair. Now, everything is different from an individual to another and on the area that he wants to treat.

The results are amazing, for a long-term hair removal reduction. The percentage is between 45% to 90% hair reduction. Specialists suggest getting maintenance treatments once a year, for a couple years at least.

7. How much pain you will experience

Normally, the devices are created to be pain-free, but most patients experienced slight discomfort, from a mild stinging feeling to the sensation that the skin was snapped with a rubber band. Even though you will use the best home laser hair removal device, you may experience these sensations. Some people have a higher tolerance for pain and you are one of them, you are lucky.

Now, that you know all these factors and if you consider yourself a good candidate for a laser procedure, you should do some research first before you shop for the best home laser hair removal machine.