Remington EP7030 Face and Body Epilator Review

Remington EP7030 Face and Body Epilator reviewIf you want an efficient epilator, but you don't want to spend too much on it, Remington has the solution for you. It is cheap and has plenty of attachments it for different areas of the body, but it works excellent on large areas like legs and small areas, like the face, only if it use with the precision cap.


Remington EP7030 Face and Body Epilator is the newest epilator from this company. It has been designed to be used dry or in the shower, it has 2 speed settings and light for coarse and fine hair.
This is a cordless device, therefore, for safety reasons, you can not use it while it is charging. It will take only one hour to fully charge and the battery lasts around 40 minutes. The battery indicator will go red when the battery runs low.

It comes with 3 different caps:

  1. remington 7030 tweezers Perfect angle cap. It is perfect for removing the hair from the legs because it "forces" the epilator head to have a 90 degree position while it pulls the hair.
  2. Massaging cap with Aloe Vera. It has small fingers at its end, which should massage the skin to feel less pain during the epilation. But many users did feel this release. Because it has Aloe Vera, using it may reduce the skin irritation or redness, side effects that often occur after the epilation.
  3. Precision cap, but you have to be careful when you use them because they can be pretty loose and they may fall if you apply too much pressure on the skin.Remington EP7030 massage cap

It has a rotating head, with a 90 degrees angle, making it great for the bony areas of the body. The precision cap is recommended for smaller areas of the body, like your bikini line, armpits or face.

Having the lowest speed compared with other epilators, Remington EP 7030 is the best epilator for the face. It has a shaver head with a trimmer, for better results.remington ep7030 perfect angle cap

This epilator is the only one which contains a moisturizing comfort technology. Its 40 stainless steel tweezers remove every unwanted stubble hair while moisturizing the skin with Aloe Vera. You should use the massaging cap for added relief. Another thing that customers liked is that the epilator won't pinch off your skin because when the epilator is pressed too firmly against the skin, the tweezers will stop rotating immediately, leaving no rashes and marks on the skin.

For better results, the epilator should be held at a 90-degree angle on the body and the user should do small circular steady motions to allow the epilator to catch the hair and pull it out, without breaking it. Also, the skin should be clean and if it is possible, exfoliated a day before, to reduce the ingrown hairs.

Main features

  • 40 tweezers
  • Pivoting, flexible head adjusts to body contours
  • Wet/dry option
  • Light (detailed light) for seeing the finest and shortest hairs
  • Cordless, rechargeable
  • Precision Cap for face and detail area
  • Perfect Angle Cap to ensure optimal tweezing
  • Massaging Cap with Aloe Vera to soothe skin
  • Washable head, for easy cleaning
  •  Built-in grips


  • What makes this epilator special is the precision cap, which is perfect for face and sensitive areas, like armpits.
  • It treats very well the legs and the face, with the precision cap.
  • It is not so loud used on the lower speed stetting.
  • It is easy to clean.


One of its flaws is the bulky design, but even so, it is easy to be held and used all over your body. Also, because of its bulky head is more difficult to remove short hair and you have to make numerous passes if you want to remove all the hair, moving it in different angles to succeed this operation.

Some users say that it doesn't grab all their hair at once and they need to go more than once over a certain body area. The reality is that some of the customers also reported that Remington EP7030 doesn’t work pretty well on coarse hair, but work very well on fine hair. Others didn't have this problem, therefore the opinions are divided. 

You could help the epilator by trim the hair a day before the epilation. Some people shave their hair a day or two before the epilation process because a shorter hair is easier to be removed by an epilator without breaking it.

Remington EP7030 best price on Amazon.comRemington EP7030 best price on

It has a good price, around 45$ on Amazon, 3.8 starts from 5 and more than 218 reviews.