Shaving the Bikini Line Properly

how to shave your bikini area properlyThere is no doubt that shaving is the most popular and inexpensive method of getting rid of unwanted hair. Also, it is the quickest and painless method for both women and men.    

But shaving the pubic hair is a little different than shaving other areas of your body, therefore, you should keep in mind some useful advice about how to shave without experiencing any side effects, like cuts, ingrown hairs, nicks, red bumps and itching sensation.    

The most important thing to do, if you have decided to shave this area, is to choose the right manual razor for you. You should look for a razor which has a pivotal head, multiple sharp blades and a protective ribbon of moisture. Furthermore, you should use it as much as you want, but once it has become dull is mandatory to change it to avoid any skin redness, irritations, and infections.

If you want the best results in this area, you should follow 6 simple steps:

  • Trim the hair as short as possible.
  • Do a bath or shower before you want to shave to soften the coarse hair.
  • Exfoliate a day before the skin to avoid ingrown hairs.
  • Apply a shaving cream or foam.
  •  Shave and clean once again the area in warm water.
  • Moisturize the skin afterwards with a light and unscented moisturizer at least 2 or 3 days. bikini moisturising cream My recommendation is to use Olay bikini lotion because it is created specially to prevent razor burns. But you can use a baby oil, baby powder or an Aloe Vera cream.

The shaving must be done in the direction of hair growth, also, pull the skin taut to make it easier to shave the hair and don't pass with the blade too often over the same area. Go slow on the skin and make sure to rinse the razor often and clean it in the water to get rid of the cut hair. In this way, you will avoid cutting yourself.

Some women prefer to shave against the direction of hair growth for a closer shave, but doing this technique will cause razor burn, damaged hair follicles and cause ingrown hairs which make little red bumps, especially if your hair is really curly.

It is important not to shave the bikini area during your period, because at this time, the skin is more sensitive.

It is a fact that hair can be itchy when it grows back, therefore, to avoid this, you should  continue shaving regularly.

Bottom line, if your husband or boyfriend already has a good razor, you can use it, with his permission, of course. I know that it is not recommended to use the same razor on different parts of your body or to share it with others, but in this case and if you clean it well, there is nothing to worry about. You can do this only if you can not afford to invest at this time in a personal razor.

Down below, you will see my selection of the best razors for women and you should choose the one which fits your needs.

1. Small bikini razors - Noxzema Bikini Plus Shave and Trim Disposable Shavers

perfect small bikini razorsThe package is a set of 3 disposable bikini shavers. The razor has a comb design with a protective skin guard to minimize the skin irritation.

This product is the small version of a regular manual razor, which can be used for delicate areas of the body, going into the hard to reach zones. Also, you can make great shapes or designs with these small razors. Because of their size, they don't last long and the blade dulls very fast. On the opposite side, they are very cheap.

2. Regular manual razors - Gillette Venus Embrace


Some people recommend to buy a Gillette Fusion razor, but if you didn't know, this is a razor for men. best gillette shaver for womenNow, the technology behind Gillette men'™s and women'€™s razors is the same, but Venus razors are designed just for women and if you are one, you should use this model. A Gillette's representative said on their official website that: "Venus razor blades individually adjust to hug your natural curves. They also feature a specially designed handle for a great grip to keep it from slipping out of your hand". From my point of view, he is entirely right!

Gillette Venus Embrace has 5 blades covered with a protective ribbon of moisture, resulting in a closer shave with no cuts or nicks. Some users agree that the blades last longer than the other Venus models. You will know that it is the time to change the head when you see that this ribbon is damaged or it breaks off the strip.

Another great feature is the pivoting head, which makes the shaving around curves much easier and gives you a smooth skin in a single pass.    

The only downside of this product is the bulky plastic head that many users complain about it because it makes shaving around the bikini area a little bit tricky.

3. The best electric shaver - Panasonic Close Curves ES2207P


Panasonic Close curves-best electric shaver for womenPanasonic Close Curves ES2207P electric shaver is an excellent alternative to disposable razors. Although it won't give you the close shave that most women like, it does a great job removing the hair. A solution to this problem is to go over again and the area will become much smoother. Keep in mind that none electric shaver will give you that close shave that a razor does! So don't get your hopes too high!

It is a quiet device, lightweight and easy to handle in all hard-to-reach areas. It has a triple blade shaving system, with an ultra-thin shaving foil and some good precision trimmers, which makes the shaver  more efficient. These shaving foils will give you a better coverage and due to this accessory, you may remove the hair in one single pass without irritating the skin.

The 3 blades are nickel-free and are made of hypo-allergenic stainless steel, perfect for your sensitive areas.

Although it has a wet/dry option, many users prefer to use it dry. If you choose the dry option, you must dry very well the skin, otherwise, the device won't cut the hair properly. You will be forced to press more on the shaver to catch the bent hair, resulting in nicks and sometimes cuts.

It is a rechargeable model and it can operate up to 30 minutes on a 12 hours charge on its compact space charger. Many users dislike this aspect because the battery starts to lose its charge quite fast and a cable would have saved the day!

The producer promises the shaver will provide about 10 shaves per charge, but this depends on many factors: your type of hair, the area where you use it, either you choose the wet or dry option and so on.

It has a pop-up trimmer for a better hygiene and an easy cleaning.

Overall, Panasonic Close Curves ES2207P offers a great experience and it can be used on underarms, bikini line, arms, and legs with no restrictions.

There are many good products on the market, but, from my point of view, these are the best manual razors for women and the best electric shaver for women.