Is it Convenient to Do Electrolysis at Home? The Best Electrolysis Home Kit

Clean and Easy Deluxe Electrolysis Home Kit reviewFrom my point of view, electrolysis is the best method of removing unwanted hair once and for all, perfect for any type of hair and skin complexion. While laser hair removal methods offer only a hair reduction, electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method.

The technology is almost the same as the laser technology, but instead of light waves, the machine uses a needle/probe, which will be inserted into the hair root and an electrical current will be passed through the hair follicle. Thus the hair is destroyed and it will never grow back. It is a long-term process because each hair is treated individually with the electrolysis probe.

Until recently electrolysis was done only in salons and spa centers, but for several years now, electrolysis can be done at home too. There are many reasons why a person chooses to do a permanent hair removal at home and some of them are the costs, time saving, intimacy, scheduling the sessions when she can and other important reasons.

I wouldn't recommend doing electrolysis by yourself at home, but if you are pretty brave, you could try it. It is a complicated process, but not impossible. Also, I don't like the idea to insert a needle into my skin because for this action I need precision and determination, which I don't have. Furthermore, most of the machines are ineffective. The only guaranteed way to see permanent results is to do electrolysis at a professional salon or spa.

When you choose a home kit you should look for one that has a galvanic probe, similar with the one that the professionals use in salons. There are machines that have electric tweezers, but they won't destroy the follicle and the effects aren't permanent.

The Clean & Easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis

There are several home electrolysis kits on the market, but the most popular one and with the most positive reviews is Clean & Easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis.

Because the device is small, it is not good to remove hairs from large areas like legs and arms, the perfect areas are he face, neck, bikini line, hands and feet. Also, when you remove the hair, you have to see what you are doing there. In conclusion, there will be some areas which you can not treat, even if you want so.

It is a battery operated device, therefore, it is best to invest in some rechargeable batteries and a charger as well.

The machine has several intensity settings to adjust it according to your pain tolerance.

How it works

You must insert the probe into the follicle alongside the hair without piercing or burning the skin. If the procedure is done right, the hair will be destroyed and you should remove it with a pair of tweezers. The electrical current that passes into the skin will create a chemical reaction with the aqueous medium from under the skin. All that mixture of water and salt from the hair follicle is transformed into sodium hydroxide, which is an extremely corrosive alkali. This alkali dissolves the entire hair root. This hair will never grow back.

Don't treat a large area at once, the company recommends to do only a square inch at a time, which will become a time-consuming process. You may have some reactions, like swelling or scabbing, that will go away in a few days. Although the process should be relatively painless, the amount of pain that you will feel is bearable and also, depends from a person to another.

If you have patience and you see great results, in time, you will become an expert at using this device. For this to happen, you must follow the instructions precisely!

Do not use this device if you are pregnant, take medication like Retin A, Glycolic Acid, Steroids or you are using a pacemaker.

All in all, the device is not so powerful like a professional electrolysis, therefore, the results aren't the same like you see in a beauty salon.

What the box contains

The Clean & Easy Deluxe electrolysis device has:Deluxe Home Electrolysis what is in the box

  • A stylet pen,
  • A pair of tweezers,
  • 9 volts Battery included,
  • A manual with instructions,
  • Another spare stylet,
  • 1-year warranty.

You don't need replacement parts to use it for a long period of time.

What do you need to do electrolysis at home?

1. A lighted area to do your treatment and a dark background, to see the fine hairs in the mirror.
2. A good mirror and a pair of tweezers, to pull out the hair that was destroyed.
3. Batteries - rechargeable batteries and a charger are the best if you have a large area to remove the hair.
4. Probes - the needle is blunt, therefore, it shouldn't pierce the skin. Also, the probe is thin and it bends easily. You have to work carefully to slide it into the follicle, along side of the hair.
5. Saline solution/salt - this solution should be applied on your fingers to complete the current with the machine.
6. Any necessary sterilization equipment - like antibacterial soap for the area that you treated, alcohol for probes and tweezers, napkins and so on.

Other things you should do:

1. Epilate, because the hairs are killed more easily when they grow back and are shorter.
2. Moisturize the area you want to treat - doing so, the skin will become softer and you will avoid injuries. Also, you should apply moisturizer after a treatment.
3. Hydration - because the machine works with water from your body, you need to be hydrated.   


  • As you can imagine a home kit electrolysis is much, much cheaper than an electrolysis done at a salon.
  • You can use the device whenever you want, in your home, without no one to bother you. Also, you can plan the sessions as you please.
  • If you don't have near your home or work a salon which does electrolysis and you really want to try this method, then a home kit is your best option.
  • Done right, you will see great results, permanent results.
  • Works great for people who don't have too much hairs to remove, or blonde, gray hair.

There are a few success stories which worth to be told. Here is the source for using a home electrolysis kit. Read them carefully because some techniques are great.


  • Only a galvanic probe will bring you permanent results. Any machine that has electric tweezers is not quit an electrolysis device, therefore, the results won't be permanent.
  • The machine that has a probe is really difficult to use. It will take time and patience to become and expert.
  • It is a time-consuming process.
  • If done wrong, you could cause permanent skin damages. Also, some temporary side effects may occur like swelling, scabbing, redness.
  • You can not treat some areas because you can not see what you are doing with the probe. In this case, another person can help you.
 Clean and Easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis best price on  Clean and Easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis best price on

If you use or want to use electrolysis at home, please share with me your experience!